I promise, I didn’t start a blog on New Years Eve on purpose. I mean, how predictable can you get, right? The lull between holiday vacations just seems to invite a certain kind of introspection.┬áBut, since I’m here anyway, I’ll talk through my resolutions for 2012. (Just between us, I secretly snicker at people who say, “I don’t believe in resolutions. I have *goals* instead.” A horse is a horse.)

First, I’m turning off the TV. Not entirely, because the other members of my household would go crazy, but no more TV background noise. When we got the dog, I started leaving the TV on all day so he would get used to something besides our perfectly quiet house. Mission accomplished; now to break the habit.

Next, I’m cooking differently. We don’t eat out unless we mean it. I cook something almost every day of every month. What I dislike is that I’ve fallen into a bad rut of “get something on the table” that means we’ve eaten homemade pizza twice a week or more for the last two months. A bad drought over the summer got me out of the habit of eating produce, too. Now the dog is older (are you sensing a theme?), the drought is over, and it isn’t too hot to run the oven. I can cook more thoughtfully again.

Finally, I’m getting back into running and biking. A truly heinous summer broke me of my good habits. I wonder how many more people I’ll see when I run tomorrow versus when I ran last time? And how many of us will still be there at the end of January?

You’ll notice that these are all getting back to the way things were. Some of that, I’m sure, is just those lovely rose-colored glasses that highlight the best parts of the past. Mostly, though, 2011 was a hard, disruptive year for me, and I want my feet back on the ground for 2012.


Day Zero

Welcome to my new project.

I admire people who manage to slow down their lives–people who infuse meaning into their daily rituals. As for myself, I’m a work in progress. I’m hasty. I’m easily annoyed. I’m often cranky over ridiculous things, like how long it takes the dog to come downstairs in the morning. I want him here right NOW, you know?

In this blog, I’ll be working through my ways to slow down and ENJOY the process of my life.