Day One: Failing So Soon?

Every new endeavor has its challenges, right?

Today, full of ideas about making cookies and mindfully getting the groceries, turned into a mad dash to run too many errands in too little time. I like to be punctual. Scratch that–I have a compulsive need to be punctual. Beyond always being the first person at parties, I routinely freak out over things like getting to the store ten minutes later than I wanted.

This meant my poor husband bore the brunt of some major issues today. I threw the adult equivalent of a temper tantrum when we couldn’t get out of the mall on time. “I TOLD YOU WE DIDN’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!” His solution was to walk faster, drive faster, shop faster. Have I mentioned that, second to being late, I hate being rushed? I’m a quick walker, but I like time to consider which milk to buy or if I need those sale sardines. The rational voice in my mind saying, “You are in control of your reaction to this” just made me more irritated.

We’re finally home again. I’m drinking tea and considering some strategies to get me through this kind of situation in the future. I can’t expect the world to work around me, so I’ve got to get better about working around it


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