Day One: Starting

I suppose the resolutions page left of the obvious, logical one: that I will work on the slowing-down process that is driving this blog.

There’s something magical about January first. I’m a big believer in fresh starts, and do it all the time. But 1/1 is such an *official* sounding fresh start. Sanctioned by the calendar and outside authority, and all that.

Like all starts, though, there’s something a little prosaic about it at the core. I need to look at what I want to do, pick one, and do it first. Simple as that, although, as the saying goes, “simple is not easy.”

I’m starting with breakfast (TV free!), then running, then the grocery store. Nothing crazy–you don’t want to make starting out the hardest part. I’m afraid the store will be mobbed with regular weekend traffic plus “I will eat healthier!” resolvers, but so be it.


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