Day Two: Kitchen Musings

I was thinking, just now, about making my own yogurt.

Then I was thinking about how ridiculously much money we spend on groceries for two people.

Then I was thinking: I bet I could trim $100 a month from the grocery budget (without lowering my standards) and give that money to charity.

I used my Christmas gift money from my mother-in-law to order a few new inspiring cookbooks, and I’ve pulled out my stack of usual references. For now, my primary goal will be cutting down on the few processed foods we do buy. I can maybe grow a few potted things (we live in a warm climate, but we have a dog who forages and limited outdoor space), too.

I’m sure I’ll be posting more about this in the upcoming weeks, but for now I’m thinking about:

1) Making yogurt. I just bought some plain/unsweetened, which should make a good base. I strongly suspect that my husband will say homemade is “too tangy,” but it’s worth a shot.
2) Making bread. This used to be the only way bread came into this house, but I got sidetracked by the summer so hot we almost melted. My grocery store has an excellent bakery, but that bread is $4.99 a loaf.
3) Researching CSAs. The last time we looked at one, it was more expensive than buying the same things. We’ve changed cultures and climates since then, and I think the shoe is on the other foot here.
4) Cutting back on cheese. I stock up when our favorite cheddar is on sale for $7.99 (!). My husband grumbles when we don’t buy the $10 chevre from the farmer’s market. Cheese is one of the few things that we’re really food snobs about. Anything that calls for more than a few ounces is going on the “occasional use only” list from here on.
5) Using what I buy. I’m not too bad about this, but veggies do rot in my crisper more often than I would like.


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