Day 5: The Day Off

Today I took the day off from my electronics. I didn’t mean to, really. But the wireless was weird all day and I forgot to watch even Martha Stewart, my one “daytime TV” indulgence. Instead, I read 250 pages of The Old Curiosity Shop (and if ever there were a way to scramble your brains, it is packing that much Dickens into 8 hours). I tidied up. I played with the dog. I had afternoon tea, with the most delicious orange to ever pass my lips. Seriously. I looked through a cookbook and noted some new recipes to try. I sorted out the memory card issue I was having with my camera. I went for a run, though I took my iPod for that.

I did check my e-mail a few times with my phone, but mostly I was disconnected. I survived just fine. Moreover, it was  really, really nice. The day stretched to an almost infinite length, wherein I got real stuff done. I found myself doing those things with more attention, too, when there was no TV in the background or simultaneous Twitter-checking. I’m sensing a very real commitment for the future.

Who knew?


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