Day Eight: Weekend Recap

This weekend I was in the cooking zone. Pickles, yogurt, scones, cookies, granola bars, and a few other things. Plus the regular meals. Turns out, going to the farmers’ market (where on earth does that apostrophe go, anyway? Lots of people don’t bother. Multiple farmers at one market should be farmers’. But what about the market I used two cities ago, which was one farmer? Is this the reason we’ve dropped it?) was very inspirational. No wonder people go!

It also turns out that when you bake cookies for the first big work meeting of the new year, people are too busy watching their waist-lines to eat them. Their loss. My gingersnaps (really, Dorie Greenspan’s Gingerbread Crackles) are something.

Today I’ll confess that I’m watching mindless daytime TV, for the first time since I resolved otherwise. But the weather has been insane, and I need to keep the dog from fixating on it. I’m finding it . . . distracting. It’s amazing how quickly you get used to either the quiet or the noise.


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