Day Forty: Embracing the To-Do List?

You’d expect a blog on this theme to tell you to, you know, let go of the list. Embrace the now. Go with the flow of the moment. I’ve found that, unfortunately, embracing the now leads to some rather painful laters.

About 60% of my new-old job is done at home. It’s the kind of work I’ve done for a long time, but I’ve gotten out of the habit after a year off. The rhythm of my work-at-home days hasn’t come back to me seamlessly. Which means that, suddenly, I’m having to do a lot of things that aren’t in the spirit of where I really wanted to be this year.

This morning I multitasked cleaning the house while I played with the dog, who hasn’t had proper exercise in a week. (For reasons largely beyond my control.) On Sundays, I cook three of four dinners, with a little irritation in my heart, because otherwise we don’t eat during the week. Those things aren’t really okay with me.

I’m finding a yearning in my heart for my old pal the To-Do list. Because problems like being irritated to cook, or too busy for the dog, come from not looking far enough ahead.   I’m angry about cooking because I’m thinking about a stack of work that should have been done long before Sunday night. Which is a long way to say that a list helps to prioritize the time.

So, I’m going back to my friend, my buddy, my lifeline. But I’m wiser now, and more careful of myself. I know to make sure the list has room for the really important things: paying attention to my life, not just my day-planner.


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