Tiny Houses

My newest obsession is tiny houses.

It’s ridiculous. We are not minimalists. I have six big bookcases full of books. I have papers I wrote in college. My husband has every specialized tool for every esoteric job that could possibly be done in an apartment garage. We own six bicycles.

Still, even my husband is interested in a wee little house.

Our current space isn’t huge. We downsized from two bedrooms to one, and we lost a lot of closet space. But it’s still over 1000 square feet, I’d guess.

So we issued a challenge. Get rid of all the stuff. The esoteric tools, the unloved books, the papers, the clothes left from our last climate. The goal is to see how much excess we can cut out before we start to feel the pinch, and then we can pick our next living space accordingly.

My goal isn’t for the tiniest of tiny houses–I’m not interested in less than 200 square feet. Realistically, I’m claustrophobic and we have a dog who couldn’t climb a loft ladder, so I think the 500 square foot range is as small as we could get. Purists probably consider that “just small” rather than “tiny,” but then a lot of purists don’t live in their tiny house year round. I also think that giving up a full sized kitchen is entirely counter to my deeply held beliefs about food. I’ve cooked “my way” successfully in the smallest enclosed kitchen that could possibly hold full sized appliances, but I’m not willing to give up four stove eyes and at least a reasonable refrigerator. (Dishwasher, smishwasher. I use the one we have now to store dog toys.)

It also won’t happen any time soon. We aren’t ready to buy a house, and we don’t live in a place where tiny houses are just sitting around to rent. I’d like to be able to rent a smaller space for our next move, and then buy something, possibly tiny, on the move after that.

So, tune in. I’ll be posting here about getting rid of things, and what we did with them, and what we decide is indispensable. Plus, I’m sure, my usual over-thinking of things.


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