In and Out: Early April

We have a big dream of moving to a tiny house someday. We’re a long way from home ownership of any kind, so we also have a mini-dream of getting rid of all of our surplus junk long before we do.

So, Ins and Outs for the last few weeks:

In: Four dining plates, four small salad/breakfast plates, four bowls, four large drinking glasses, four small drinking glasses, four mugs.
Out: Eight small and large plates and bowls. Innumerable drinking glasses and mugs. This is replacing our old “his” and “hers” dishes with the dream “ours” dishes. We never entertain, so eight place settings was just too many. I’ve got four settings of china that I can stretch the new dishes with if I need to, although they may eventually need to go as well. I valiantly resisted buying the beautiful cups and saucers that match the new dishes.


Patagonia Maha Breathe

One pair of summer ballet flats in a versatile pale grey.
Out: Nine pairs of shoes. Black high heels (I replaced these with a new pair in the winter), clogs (don’t wear in this climate), sandals x 4 that were either worn out or uncomfortable, black flats that were too small, one pair tennis shoes, and one pair of slippers. I could have sworn there were 11, but I can’t think of the other two. This is cutting it a little too close, perhaps, especially in the very small number of black shoes that are left. We’ll see. My favorite summer sandals are on year six, I’m starting to look for a replacement just in case.

In: Two replacement skirts, for ones I wore out and got rid of last year. Two lightweight linen shirts, one a replacement for my most beloved long sleeved top of all time (RIP) and one just a good idea. One new wool tank top, which I didn’t need but that will be well-loved. In general, trying to replace my go-to summer dresses, which are single-purpose (a summer dress with a cardigan still looks like a summer dress) with much more versatile skirts and tops.
Out: a small but hefty stack of clothes. Mostly things that were too worn to serve their intended level of dressiness, and I have too many casual clothes already. A few skirts that were replaced earlier in the winter. A million sweaters leftover from our previous climate. Just don’t need that many here, and in fact still have probably too many.


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