Empty Shelves

The most recent update on our cleaning out and downsizing:

The behemoth bookcase (1 of 2 at this size) is empty and awaiting a good home. Looking at the one that’s still left this means we got rid of something between 100 and 150 books.

Does that sound like sacrilege to you?

Me too, in a way. But if you asked me to list ten of those books cold, off the top of my head, I couldn’t do it. We’re talking leftover college literature books, my husband’s collection of “boys adventure” type books that he hasn’t read since he was 15, hiking guides to parks we’ll never go back to.

Also, a fair number of “A good person ought to have this in their house” books. Where on earth do we get such ideas? “I won’t look like a real intellectual if I get rid of all the philosophy books!” even when I haven’t opened them since college and didn’t care much for it them.

Now I can use the space for something pragmatic, not just intellectual clutter.


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