Sometimes you don’t realize

how much you’re ready for a change, until the opportunity arrives.

It’s not even my opportunity–there’s a job several, several states away that would be a perfect fit for K. Better chances for advancement, a way out of an increasingly toxic corporate culture here. It’s all very preliminary right now. Very, very preliminary.

I find myself having to consciously tamp down the excitement. It would be closer to home, sure, but also a different life. More rural by far (it’s hard not to be more rural than here). A place we could actually afford a house. A place, in fact, where it would almost be demanded that we buy a house. Room for a garden, room for the dog to run. A milder climate. Different opportunities.

I would miss things about this town. I’ve grown to love some very select parts of it. The thought of feeding the dog without my beloved local raw pet food store has me quaking in my shoes. I’m completely addicted to some fantastic locally brewed coffee. I’ve finally found all the markets that sell exactly the groceries I like. We have a plethora of parks, even if they are all within earshot of freeway traffic. For better or worse, you can go right out and buy anything you want. You name it, somebody here sells it. We’ve put down more roots here than we did in our last home, for sure.

Still, change is in the air, and I’m more excited by it than I expected to be. We’ll see if anything materializes.


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