In the winter, I always turn toward thoughts of minimalism. I’m too hot to think in the summer, I suspect.

So, some handy tips:

Remove yourself from catalog mailing lists at

You can also directly contact companies to ask to be removed from their catalog lists. I keep a spreadsheet of companies I’ve contacted, since it can take a few months for the mail to stop. (Yes, I get that much junk mail.)

Remove yourself from credit card and insurance offer lists at:

Click the “unsubscribe” button at the bottom of those e-mails.

When your airline miles are about to expire, don’t be a dodo and use them to buy magazine subscriptions. You’ll never get your mailbox back again.

Still get mail from the previous tenant (or six) at your address? Write “Return to Sender” or “No longer at this address” on the outside of the envelope and put it back into the outgoing mail slot.


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