Today I took off an acre of recycling. Okay, maybe not quite that much.

We don’t have curbside, and the city closed the U-Sort recycling drop. Now you have to go during business hours or on Saturday to the (admittedly, very nice) city-run facility. We procrastinate about this until we literally have no where else to stick the junk mail.

Fortuitously, I remembered that my last trip was March 8, right before we went on vacation. Today is the 23rd of April, which makes it a few days over six weeks since we went.

At the very nice city-run facility, they expect you to presort everything. To make this easier, I get some of our groceries in paper bags. It’s not perfect, but we just do not have room to store six different kinds of recycling bins.

Today’s paper bag tally, for six weeks:

1–with just a small layer of clear glass. We keep and reuse a lot of our glass jars.
1–completely full of colored glass
3–filled with plastic, none of which was crushed, including several gallon and half-gallon milk containers. (Milk in glass does not exist here.)
1–halfway filled with aluminum cans
1–less than half filled with bimetal cans

There was also a lot of paper/cardboard, but because it was multiple partial bags I didn’t count it. Maybe five bags of broken-down boxes, magazines (most of which have not been renewed for this year), and junk mail.

It’s obviously the three filled with plastic that I’m the most interested in reducing before I go to the recycling facility again.

I’ll let you know how it goes.


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