It’s also time to stop our piggy electrical usage. Which isn’t deliberately piggy, so much as lazy. Do I have powers strips on my appliances? Yep. Do I turn them off? No. Do I have fancy digital thermostats? Yes. Do I remember to run up the non-programmable one during the day, to cut down on the air conditioning? No. And so on and so forth.

Also, this house is excruciatingly inefficient. Gaps around the doors. Gappy single pane windows. Huge sun exposure during the summer, when it’s a zillion degrees. There’s only so much of that we can change as renters.

Goals: Stop being lazy. Turn off the power strips. Run up the thermostat. Cut down the lights. Find some non-invasive way to mount curtains or window film to the patio doors. They have 20 panes of glass a piece, window-film might be crazy. I doubt my landlord will like it if I drill holes in his door, and there’s no place to mount a tension rod. Maybe some kind of suction cups? Adhesive hooks? I’ll have to think through it.

So, here’s the relevant tracking:

April 2013: 697kWh

May 2013: 823 kWh

June 2013: 1117 kWh

July 2013: 1112 kWh

August 2013: 1351 kWh

September 2013: 1215 kWh

October 2013: 1160 kWh

believe we were on vacation for a few days in May last year. Last summer was not flamingly hot; if we have a scorcher like year before last, all bets are off. In any event, I don’t have a good sense of how much of a difference I can make. I’d like to see some difference; that’s as specific as I’ll get.


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